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a thinned seedling

Thinning Seedlings

What?! I have to toss some of these perfectly healthy seedlings I worked so hard to start? Which do I save and which do I not? That is the reaction of many a new gardener upon first learning that thinning seedlings is a necessary step to ensure healthy growth of plant starts. The reality is that, if left in crowded environs, your seedlings will eventually suffer.

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A garden with many plants and trees and a sign saying Edible Schoolyard

Cultivating a Collard Curriculum

Seed Savers Exchange is excited to announce a multi-partner collaborative effort with Alice Waters’s Edible Schoolyard Project. This effort will continue the work of the Heirloom Collard Project and bring in longtime Seed Savers Exchange partner SeedLinked. The purpose of this project is to create a curriculum for middle school students around growing collard greens.

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Field Crew and Order Fulfillment (Part-time)

The field crew and order fulfillment part-time position will support Seed Savers Exchange with field preparation, seed production, field maintenance, and seed harvesting and processing. This candidate will also assist in the Seed House with seed packing and order fulfillment.

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Garlic orders open July 1!

There are myriad reasons humans have consumed garlic for thousands of years. For starters, it’s easy to grow, easy to harvest, easy to use, and, yes, easy to enjoy. And this year Seed Savers Exchange is making it easy to order too.

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