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Seed Savers Exchange takes a multifaceted approach to seed/variety preservation: in situ (home gardens) through Community Science programs and external partnerships, and ex situ (seed bank) stewarding on Heritage Farm.

Fields with isolation cages that help keep the collection true to type.

The Exchange

The Exchange is a seed swap, facilitated by Seed Savers Exchange, where gardeners from around the country offer thousands of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds they’ve grown. Simply put, these “homegrown” seeds were not grown by a commercial operation. You’ll also find flowers and herbs, plus non-seeds like potato tubers, garlic bulbs, and fruit tree cuttings.

All of the seeds offered by Exchange listers are open-pollinated and non-hybrid – meaning that the seeds obtained from open-pollinated varieties will produce plants that are true to form of the parent plants. They are also not patented, and can be grown, saved, and shared freely. While anyone can browse the Exchange, you must create a free account on the Exchange in order to request or list seeds.

Have questions about The Exchange or its annual, print counterpart named The Yearbook? Contact Seed Savers Exchange’s exchange coordinator, Josie Flatgard at [email protected].