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Keeping heirloom seeds in our gardens and on our tables.

Founded in 1975

Seed Savers Exchange's Mission

Seed Savers Exchange stewards America’s culturally diverse and endangered garden and food crop legacy for present and future generations. We educate and connect people through collecting, regenerating, and sharing heirloom seeds, plants, and stories.


Our mission is dependent on you.

Together, we can ensure these varieties are around for generations to come. Join our community today.

Get Involved

Connection is sown in community.

Seed Savers Exchange offers a mix of virtual and in-person events throughout the year. Learn from our knowledgeable staff as well as experienced growers and seed savers in our network, and support our nonprofit mission to save America’s heirloom seeds.

Annual Virtual Conference

May 3-August 2, 2024 / Virtual


Recent Articles

Three orange 'Oma's Orange' tomatoes on a wood plank surface


‘Oma’s Orange’ Tomato: A Tradition of Love

Betty Moore, a Seed Savers Exchange member from Stow, Ohio, holds a cherished family heirloom—a tomato variety that has been part of her family for years. This tomato has a rich history dating back to 1937, when Betty’s mother, Oma Rachel Lively Miller, received it from a relative upon her marriage. You might know it as ‘Oma’s Orange’ tomato.

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a thinned seedling

Thinning Seedlings

What?! I have to toss some of these perfectly healthy seedlings I worked so hard to start? Which do I save and which do I not? That is the reaction of many a new gardener upon first learning that thinning seedlings is a necessary step to ensure healthy growth of plant starts. The reality is that, if left in crowded environs, your seedlings will eventually suffer.

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